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Your Impact

There are moments in life that stop us in our tracks, and we realize we are on a path to something beautiful. One of those moments happened to us when we were introduced to Anna Kefalas and heard her heartfelt story behind the creation of the Benjamin Child Support Society.

During the 1950s, Anna grew up in an Evangelical Greek orphanage that supported her development into adulthood, her faith, and provided the opportunity to be adopted by a loving family from the US. Although the original orphanage is no longer in operation, there are still many children in Greece that experience unstable parental care and need developmental support.
In 1994, Anna and a group of the original children from the orphanage reunited where they had grown up to see through a mission God had placed on the hearts. They created a non-profit that provides educational, psychological, financial, medical, and spiritual support to children through the age of 18 years old. They have supported over 1,300 children in 17 cities across Greece for over 26 years and provide the opportunity for these children to participate in an annual Christian bible study summer camp. 
Our hope in the very near future is to volunteer at this summer camp to watch the impact BCSS has on these children firsthand and to be able to share with all of you.
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Where Collective's Role

Our goal for Where Collective is to be so much more than a mindful lifestyle boutique. We see it as an avenue for us and our customers to support the people who create our products, our brands' specific missions and something close to our hearts.

We prayed for an organization to surface that would align with platforms we are both passionate about and wanted to support. It was almost immediately afterwards that Anna was brought into our lives and shared her story of Benjamin Child Support Society, which supports children in a country so dear to our hearts.

Kelsey's mom was born in Vrasna, a beautiful coastal town in Northern Greece, that her family still lives in today. Throughout her childhood, she was blessed with the privilege to travel and spend time with family while experiencing the beauty and culture of Greece. Combining Hannah's passion for supporting underrepresented children, and Kelsey's hope to positively impact a country that means so much to her, we knew this was our path forward.

Where Collective donates 4% of our proceeds directly to Benjamin Child Support Society. Our hope is that this partnership provides our collective an avenue to contribute to this beautiful organization, learn from their goodness and grow as individuals.

Vrasna, Greece