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Where We've Been

The last two years have been a whirlwind. Not just for Kelsey and I, but for all of us. We saw the world stop in the course of a week, how and where we worked or went to school completely changed, saw our world reopen, and when we came out of it; none of us looked quite the same as we did going in. 

Once things began to settle down from the pandemic in 2021, Kelsey took the opportunity to pack her bags and take on nomadding to then settle down in Kirkland, WA. For Hannah, it was cultivating friendships and getting grounded in Tampa, a city she had only just briefly begun to call home. We would be lying to you if we didn’t say that for the latter half of 2021 that Where Collective took a back seat. 

Coming back to normal was a bit of a shell-shock for us, realizing that we suddenly had calendars full of plans again. Truthfully, after months of missing out on time with family and friends; celebrating everything from weddings, babies, career promotions, and the like, it only felt right to press pause and sit in the moment.  Kelsey and I are both notorious for saying “yes” to every invite, and needless to say it caught up with us a bit.

2022 has been a different season however, one marked by settling. No, this isn’t like settling for second best, but rather settling in. After seasons where Kelsey and I both experienced so much change both personally and professionally, we have slowly but surely been working to understand what our new lives look like and how to continue to piece Where Collective into that.

Don’t let that worry you though, Where Collective is still near and dear to our hearts. The face of Where just looks a bit different today than maybe it used to. One of the greatest blessings coming out of the pandemic, is the opportunity for us to lean into our favorite part of our business- sharing our collection of products with you live and in-person. In Kirkland, Washington, Kelsey has partnered with Sweet Serenity, a local floral shop with a permanent Where Collective jewelry collection on display. In St. Pete, Florida, I’ve partnered up with Book + Bottle to host monthly pop up markets of our home and accessories lines. It’s in our live interactions with you at Sweet Serenity and Book + Bottle that we have found the most fulfillment.

If small business has taught us anything; it’s that our business, our customer, and our strategy is shifting day-to-day. We’re still figuring it out and to be determined if a business is ever truly “figured out.” But to those of you who continue to support us and have stuck with us from the very beginning when we were only online- thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Speaking of our online store- that one is a work in progress right now. But until then, we hope to see you either in Kirkland or St. Pete to give you a smile face-to-face. Because after these last two years, we’re so grateful that we get to be together with you.

- With Love, Hannah

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