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Where's Kelso

Everyone has had their own unique experience during this pandemic whether that might be a reassessment of priorities, prompted a career shift, or even a move. For me, it was all of the above. 

In June of 2020, Hannah and I were on the cusp of launching Where Collective after over a year of preparation and I also found myself simultaneously in a bit of an uncertain situation with the retention of my corporate job. So, I did what helps me process situations in the best way, and I prayed and journaled about it. ✍

So with just a short walk to Denver's Commons Park, the skyline of a deserted city in the backdrop, and journal in hand, I went to town. 

So, I jotted down what I thought some contingency plans might be for if I found out that following week that I no longer had the "ol' reliable" corporate gig.

Here's where it gets interesting...

  • Situation A: Retain corporate gig:
    • I'd work remotely and travel the country to meet new brands, be inspired by others' creativity, learn about cultural differences, strengthen my faith and meet some awesome people along the way!
  • Situation B: I get laid off from the corporate gig:
    • I realized that I would do the exact same thing as option A but on a reallllly tight budget. 

I realized that God put this dream on my heart for a reason. It wasn't situational and it wasn't dependent on what happened with the corporate gig. It was rooted in a longstanding desire to travel, explore and learn. All of which I believe is a bit hereditary from my family and Greek grandparents, which I am incredibly grateful for. 

So fast forward to April of 2021, and I went with Option B. I said goodbye (for now? 🤷‍♀️) to my life in Denver, sold most everything that didn't fit in my Subaru (even my vintage rattan furniture 😭), and hit the road!  

What I soon realized, is that belongings aren't what's important to me. Learning, connecting, encouraging others and growing my faith is my priority right now. And I seriously can't wait to share some of the doors that have opened so far and I am only five months in! 

Stay tuned for more from #wheresKelso

-With love, Kels 🤍


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