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Dressed in our boho bests, Kelsey and I set out for a girls night to enjoy wine and satisfying tapas in Denver's RiNo district on the night of June 14th, 2019. It had been a long work week, so we were both thankful to have the opportunity to unwind. I was only living in Denver for two months over the summer, while Kelsey had lived in the greater Denver area for nearly 5 years. However, God was moving a lot of mountains for both of us in 2019, and needless to say, hindsight is 2020 (literally).

Kelsey and I met through our corporate jobs. Thanks to a recent promotion that allowed greater flexibility, I had decided to take a year to move and try out various cities, one of those being Denver. Kelsey had just sold her Aurora town home and was moving into the city but was in need of a temporary roommate. When I decided to rent from Kelsey, we were at best acquaintances who had small-talked at business meetings about the weather or vented about common corporate frustrations. But as roommates, our friendship blossomed as we realized how much we had in common.

The commonality that strengthened our friendship the most was a shared dream realized the night of June 14th. It has since materialized into reality now known as Where Collective. There were many stepping stones along the way; from figuring out how to get a business license, choosing a name, a 4 hour vision session, deciding to change our name, picking inventory, pivoting due to a pandemic, vetting new inventory, and a whole lot of google searches. But every moment, both the stressful and the exciting, have lead to the day we've long awaited of our Soft Launch.

With our soft launch, the goal of of Where Collective is to create a place to shop where the individual is empowered by the impact they make. On this journey, we have learned the importance of partnering both locally and globally. For us, we have decided to only sell brands that we have vetted to confirm that they fairly compensate and support their employees. We also believe in empowering small businesses by showcasing local artisans in our own communities. We're still learning what it means to be an "ethical fashion brand," but our hope is that you will choose to join us in our growth as we do.

While we are business minded, we have always had the hope for Where Collective's profits to positively impact those who need it most. Through featured items and a percentage of our profits, we will be supporting Benjamin Child Support Society. Benjamin is is an organization with the mission to provide children in Greece with the opportunity to grow and develop despite not having stable parental care. We are excited to share more about their incredible vision here.

We invite you to join The Collective and to be a part of our story. Welcome to Where Collective, a Mindful Lifestyle Boutique. A way to foster joy and collectively support artisans, wherever they call home. Cheers to the Soft Launch!



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