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So many dreams, too little time...

Over the past two years, our gal pal team of two has been hard at work building Where Collective, while also grinding away at our day job. We LOVE this journey and have learned SO much along the way. But can we be real for a second? 🤷‍♀️⁠

It's a labor of love and it can be a TON of work! Here's a list of all of the big-bucket things we work on!

  • vision planning
  • strategizing
  • handling admin
  • posting on social 
  • sending email newsletters
  • blogging
  • inventory planning
  • wholesale shopping (one of our fave parts of course 😉)
  • networking to collab with like-minded brands
  • tagging the products (wow, did Kels underestimate that process😳)
  • photographing (pro tip: hire @dashingginger)
  • developing processes (pro tip: use @asana)
  • developing the unboxing experience (pro tip: collab with @dropshiplikeitshot)
  • pop-up markets (pro tip: find incredible supporters like @book+Bottle)
  • podcast episodes planning and recording
  • website management (pro tip: use @shopify)
  • planning for our (very exciting) future!
Phew, even typing that out was a lot! 😂⁠

But here's the thing-we LOVE every second of it. 

We have SO many ideas and big dreams for Where, but we can get frustrated at times with our execution timelines. Any other small business owners or side gig gals in the same boat?

So many dreams, too little time?

Hannah and I have really worked on grace over the past year. Grace for ourselves, for our timelines, for missing our goal metrics, or whatever else we could perceive as inadequate. We are small right now for a reason. We believe that God wants to build a foundation of trust in us while this is a side gig, so that we have that same foundation when (God-willing) Where Collective becomes our full-time gig! In knowing that God will provide a way, it allows us to let go of that stress and burden, pours grace and humility over our business and is building a testimony for us to share with others one day. We know it in our bones.

⁠And we couldn't be more grateful for all of your support in helping pursue this dream to create a space to cultivate purpose and foster joy for our collective, all while support causes that are near and dear to our collective's heart!

With love, Kels & Hannah

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