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Slow Fashion, Quick Changes

While creating Where Collective, we have had the opportunity to learn about brands and movements that create real change in the world. Although we have learned so much along our journey, we are certainly still a work in progress and strive to continue growing as time goes on. As we gather insights from this community and others, it's our hope to share educational resources within our collective that pertain to various topics. 
We'd like to start off with a topic that ignited our mission to support brands that practice social responsibility, ethical treatment of employees and positively impact communities.  

Check out our insta @where_collective to hear more about four little moves to collectively make a big impact!

  1. Fall back in love with pieces you already own
  2. Shop resale to refresh your style and give items a longer life
  3. Shop ethical brands with positive impacts
  4. Shop mindfully and commit for the long haul


We highly recommend this book! It was pivotal in our learning process and even inspired our name. Elizabeth shares information about the fashion industry's treatment of workers while addressing society's disposable perception of apparel. The key with this book is that she provides reasonable and tangible recommendations on how to shift your perspective on apparel from a short term relationship into a long term commitment. Mindful shopping is the name of the game!


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