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Is it Worth it for the Wisdom?

How many times a day do we think about ourselves? Our relationships, our job, our errands, our faith, or our next steps in life? If you are anything like me, your answer is "non-stop". And honestly, it's exhausting! 

But, what if every heartbreak, every success, and every experience you've had in life has strategically prepared you to help someone else through their life situations? The past couple years of rediscovering myself have started to show me that life isn't just about me, it's about connecting and growing with others. 

Many years ago, my family took some time to rebuild our relationship and set a foundation of love, respect and vulnerability. Looking back at the process there were many high's and low's that made me wonder at some points "is this all worth it?". Then recently, a close friend of mine shared that she's in a very similar position with her family. After hours of talking through her situation and being able to share some lessons from my experience, she thanked me for the wisdom I shared with her. 

That's when it hit me. I am also incredibly thankful for that season of rebuilding for my family, not only for the future of our family, but also that I was better prepared to relate to my friend's situation and share wisdom to help her through it. I love that although it was a tough season for me and my family, it was worth it because it helped someone else. 

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of experiences are? I think many of us tend to look at situations and think about how it directly relates to us. Maybe we are going through a tough time as a small business owner and think, "How will this situation be a lesson for me in the long run?".  But what if the purpose of experiences aren't necessarily to prepare us to succeed in the future, but rather prepare us to help others succeed in their future?

Life throws a lot at us and sometimes all we need is one person to relate to us,  help us through it, and make us feel like we aren't alone. There's something uniquely powerful about meeting people where they are at. I now choose to view my life experiences, (the good, the bad, and the ugly) as a way to meet more people where they are at.

So, what if you viewed your life as a wisdom bank? Are you ready and willing to embrace the lessons learned, use them to meet other where they are at, and help them through this thing called life?

When looking at it through this lens, I find that is makes everything feel bigger than me and well worth it. A lesson at work, experience with a friendship, spiritual growth, or anything else is now in my back pocket to use when I find myself in a scenario to relate and support others.

We've all had people in our lives that have helped us navigate small or big scenarios. We have met so many incredible people while creating Where Collective, and couldn't be more grateful for this community's willingness to share wisdom every step of the way. Who is one person who honestly meets you where you're at, shares wisdom with you, and helps you through life? 


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