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What Does Success Mean to You?

Growing up, we were always asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" It seems like it's been ingrained in all of us from a young age to think about our career as our identity or the thing that defines us. 

Taking a step back and reflecting on some of the most influential moments in my life, I remember specific aspects. The words said to lift me up, the smiles and laughter, the hugs and companionship, and the overall connection with others that helped me along the way. I never once thought about the career or job that those people chose being a component of my memory. Sure, maybe their careers gave them experience and lessons along the way that helped frame the words they shared with me. But it wasn't their career or job that made such an impact on me; it was their heart. 

My friend Colton asked me a question at a barbeque a few months ago, "What is your version of success?" It took me a few minutes to collect my thoughts and formulate a response. It surprised me. 

Growing up, I have always rooted my success in achievements, awards, recognition, or anything that seemed to make me feel validated and worthy. But after a couple years of spiritual growth and an incredible community around me, I realized that that version of success wasn't how I felt anymore. So with that, my response to my friend Colton was "Success to me is about connecting with people to learn about their hopes, dreams and finding ways to help them achieve those. I believe a conversation can change the trajectory of someone's life. I believe a person's unique story can spark hope for others. And I believe my God-given purpose is to meet people where they are and be an ambassador for faith and purpose. If I can look back years from now and know that I encouraged and helped others find their purpose, I'd consider that a success."

When someone asks why we started Where Collective, our answer is always rooted in the impact. Our hope is to cultivate joy and foster purpose for our collective through our boutique today, and with the plans we feel God has for our business, through many additional avenues in the future. 😉

So here's a question for you to think about...What is your version of success? 

Is it rooted in a career with a big title and a big paycheck? Is it weighed in fame and achievements? Or is it about something more? 

Comment below to let us know! If anyone resonates with the post above, always feel welcome to connect with us through email or instagram! We love meeting new members of our collective and would love to meet you! 


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