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Can small leaps of faith help your dreams take flight?

You may have heard the abridged version of the Where Collective origin story. You know, the one where I was roommates with Kelsey in Denver and over a glass of wine we decided to start a business together? That’s the story we often tell when we give the thirty second elevator pitch. The full story however, is so much better. It brings to light how trusting in God’s promises can lead to realizing His calling over our lives. So here’s my side of that story.

Prior to becoming good friends with Kelsey and moving to Denver the summer of 2019, I was living in Charlotte, NC. With a recent promotion in my corporate job, I had the opportunity to work remote as long as I was near a major airport for work travel. I had called Charlotte my home for 2 years at that point and although a beautiful city, I knew it wasn’t my forever home. I was 26, single, and only had an apartment lease tying me down. So the decision for me was an overnight declaration- I was going to make the most of this opportunity. 

I canceled my lease in Charlotte, moved all my belongings into a storage unit, and kept only what I needed- some clothes, my work supplies, and my cat. Some called me crazy, but I called it freedom. During 2019 I called a few different places home- including my hometown of Gainesville (GA), Tampa, Atlanta, and Denver. Tampa was one of the first stops on my trip, and during that time I found myself falling in love with not only the city, but a person as well.

When it was time to leave Tampa I found myself reeling from our last goodbye as he dropped me off at the airport, not knowing what the future held for our relationship. I boarded the plane bound for the next chapter of my nomadic adventure, but couldn’t help but feel I should give all this up to stay and fight for what we had together. And then as if God was giving me that opportunity, my plane was delayed on the ground for 2 hours, and I was  given the chance from the flight crew to disembark and stay in Tampa.

If I had followed my own desires, I probably would have gotten off the plane that day. I had grown a lot in my faith though in the years leading up to that moment, and so instead took a moment to go to God in prayer. Discernment of God’s voice has never been a strong suit of mine. Taking control with my own will has always been the easier route. But that day, His voice was clear as day- stay on the plane. My heart was broken leaving behind what I wanted to be my future, but I had to trust that all of this was for a reason.

Oftentimes when God provides us guidance, we have to walk in blind trust that the path he is leading us into is the better route than the one we want for ourselves. Two months later I drove to Denver and moved in with a friend from my corporate job who- you guessed it- was Kelsey, someone who has become one of my closest friends and business partner for Where Collective. 

My trust in God that day was not without its doubts by any means. I often found myself missing the consistent summer weather of Tampa and the relationship that at the time I thought should be my forever. But looking back 2 years later now, I am thankful for the experiences I learned from that relationship and that it ultimately was not the one. I also had the opportunity to explore so many amazing places I wouldn’t have otherwise if I had stayed in Florida.

What I thought I was leaving behind in 2019, ended up being the greatest blessing. Going to Denver allowed God to nurture mine and Kelsey's friendship and realize our calling with Where Collective. I’m not sure what my life would look like if I had stayed on that plane. God always finds a way to re-route us like a GPS, but trusting in him helps us reach our destination that much faster and with a lot less pain involved than going our own way.

Where Collective may be the smallest of small businesses, but God has not only answered my dream of owning my own business, but also used it to be a vehicle by which I can share His loving abundance. Where Collective is a testament to His faithfulness when we are obedient to Him. Not only that, but it has brought me one of the sweetest friendships and has even led me back to call Tampa home. So for that, I’m forever thankful I listened and stayed on that plane. I don’t know what flight you’re on right now, but I encourage you to not get off just yet. Your obedience could be taking you to new heights.

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